Woah, the last time i actually wrote a report was three months ago. That’s not very positive, no.
But i have some good news! And no, we don’t know the release date yet. BUT i do can announce that we have entered the last stage of X:Roleplay’s development.
We’ve almostly finished building the systems and X:Roleplay is pretty much already operational.
As we are currently in Beta stage we did discover lots of our mistakes and also got bugs and flaws pointed out.
Our Beta Testers have been of real value to us and are still helping us out whenever we need the support In-Game or just wish to hear their voices and thoughts of our latest input.

We do appreciate feedback alot and have surely learned from our past. We’ve already seen users coming and leaving.
Like i said, X:Roleplay is at it’s final stage and has a couple of systems left to build. We from X:Roleplay have made the last TODO list and will finish it hopefully soon. I promise to keep everyone posted. In the meantime the twitter development feed also remains hot and will be updated more frequently from now on.

I will post a summary of out TODO list below:

– The faction system. (Including land)
– Optimizing the roleplay test. (We could use the Beta Testers for this)
– Finishing the business system by adding new stores and filling them with items accordingly.
– Finishing the government system. With this we mean the taxes which go from point A to B to E and back to A and so on..
– The (U)ser (C)ontrol (P)nel is under development by Roel, we currently have no estimated date and time of completion. Feel free to visit the (U)ser (C)ontrol (P)nel f you are a beta tester and provide us with feedback.
– Bug fixes, we’ve also encountered some tough and complicated bugs. We will need some time and patience in order to uncover the origin and cause. We want to be sure X:Roleplay is as optimized and bug-free on launch.
– Administrator checks, along with the anticheat.
– The keymaker business, a store where you can change the lock of a vehicle or property or duplicate the key of a vehicle or property.
– Creating and adding accessories to their stores which are spread around Red County.
– Mechanic system.
– Creating the firearm license and firearm distribution.
– Some secret stuff which is secret and should remain secret for now.

We’re also still looking for fresh ideas regarding activities in and around X:Roleplay. Do you have any ideas or thoughts? We would really appreciate it if you were to share them with us on our forums.
Also, we would like to ask our Beta Testers to head In-Game and tell us of things which are or were difficult to understand. We would like to make X:Roleplay a friendly, clear and not too complicated but strict roleplaying server.

I would like to wish everyone a good weekend!

Community Owner.



Closed beta announced!

Some of you might’ve already heard that the server finally reached it’s beta state. This means we’ve managed to add all the core features essential for a roleplaying server. But are we done? No, We’ll always keep adding new functions, but before we can do that we must make sure the server is functional in it’s current state.

What are we aiming for?

During the closed beta we aim to find and trace all the existing bugs, we won’t only fix the existing bugs. We will also start looking for the bugs that remain hidden. This we do by testing the system, running a small server simulation with a couple of players to see how everything is working out. To find what needs to be changed, made more clear or simply needs fixing.

Who can participate?

We aim for a maximum of thirty beta testers and a minimum of atleast 3-5 players. (excluding ourselves).
Basically anyone who is willing may participate, however there are a few requirements that we must set for all the interested. I will state the requirements below. I am sure you understand.

– Has knowledge of general SA-MP functions (Roleplay functions is recommended, but not needed.)
– Is willing to have pen and paper or a text file ready to write down bugs and improvements.
– Understands that there will be a lot of waiting and GMX-ing during this period. You are free to do other stuff while this happens, but be ready to come back in when we need you.
– Have sufficient free time.
– Provide sufficient feedback
– Being able to keep the test server’s password a secret.
– Inform the developers of what is missing or broken in the gamemode.
– Being able to give some decent suggestions of missing functions or general good ideas.
– Listen to the devs via teamspeak or skype (having a mic of your own is recommended but not required.)

We have no application format. If you are willing to join, simply create a topic with your own input. We prefer a little story and reason, instead of a topic just asking to become a tester. Let us know why, let us know what you can offer.
Just make sure you leave your contact details. You may also keep the hidden if you prefer.

What’s in it for me?
Despite the fact that you are helping with the development of X-Roleplay. You will also receive a beta tester only apparel item which will be given to you when we launch.

How long will the closed beta take?
I think we can all agree on the fact that we all want the closed beta to end as quickly as possible. Atleast i hope so.
We might need to put some hours in it, perhaps even days. But since it’s a manage of finding issues and fixing them (not adding content) the closed beta period should not take too long.

What’s next?

Well, patience. We’ve already got far and during the closed beta the last bugs will be fixed. After that we may hopefully launch X-Roleplay.


Dear fans and players,

Due to the summer starting and the end of our college year ending, a lot of projects are due and honestly I cannot find any time to work on the gamemode during this time. Same goes for Roel and Tom. After our school projects and summer celebrations (programmers need Vitamin D too.) have finished we will continue our work. For myself this is July 7th. I am not sure what this is for the others.

Some good news is though: When we return, the Beta version will be complete, and players will start to be selected for beta tests, but more detailed information on this is still to come.

With love, dog

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